About me

Peter Jordan, Founder, Gen C Traveller

Services: Bespoke travel industry research / Consumer trends analysis / Keynote presentations / Strategy workshops

Specialist on: Millennials – global youth travel – tourism megatrends – the sharing economy – emerging markets – tourism dispersal – LGBTQ travel


“Peter is a great communicator – he takes fast-moving trends and controversial issues and distills them into insights that make sense and inspire people to take action.”

In essence, I’m a strategist, researcher and educator, with over 14 years’ experience in the global tourism sector. For 7+ years I’ve worked successfully as a self-employed consultant, hence I’m also self-motivated, disciplined, well-organised and have built up great connections across the travel industry.

I regularly analyse supply and demand trends and public policy issues in the tourism, travel, leisure, F&B and wellness sectors. I also monitor the challenges and opportunities that these create for destinations, when faced with climate change, urbanisation, tourism growth and the need for social cohesion. As someone who’s globally aware and always able to see the bigger picture, I like to motivate my clients and colleagues to look ahead and find the best approach to addressing these issues.

As an associate consultant to Toposophy, I have worked at the cutting edge of tourism industry research and strategy-building. I’ve led complex projects that have produced groundbreaking recommendations for cities and nations on post-Covid-19 recovery, managing tourism growth, and sustainable tourism planning. This has given me experience in delivering diverse focus groups, workshops and keynote presentations around the world. I’ve also become adept at presenting data and concepts in ways that are relatable to my audience, as well as helping people with opposing views to reach agreement.

I’ve also become firmly established as a thought-leader and educator on the LGBTQ market segment, praised for my thoughtful and diplomatic approach, and responsible for helping countless businesses to develop an intelligent approach to this dynamic market. I’ve nurtured close relationships with leading travel industry associations including UNWTO, PATA, WTTC, ECM, ETC and IGLTA and enjoy making new connections.

British born, having lived in 4 countries and visited over 40, I have an internationalist outlook and love working with teams from around the world, using my interpersonal and language skills (English, Spanish, French as well as Dutch and Italian. If you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch!

You can also find out more about my projects and professional background by visiting my blog: http://www.genctraveller.com

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