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Intelligent insights on global consumer trends and what they mean for travel and tourism. I'm Peter Jordan, travel industry trend-watcher and specialist on Millennials. On this site you can also find out about my projects with some of the world's leading travel and tourism brands.
  • Peak season in Paris

    Could ‘Paris Syndrome’ spread to your destination?

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  • How has aviation shaped a generation?

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  • Mountain picture

    How to Make LGBT Travel Matter to Millennials

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  • Youth-unemployment-cut

    How travel and tourism brands can help Millennials, a generation under pressure

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  • newsimg_deb-green-deal

    Millennial marketing: Going beyond the schmaltz

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  • Stepping Out of the Crowd (PATA, 2016)

    OUT NOW: ‘Stepping Out of the Crowd’ – Where the Next Generation of Asian Millennials is Heading

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  • A major challenge for the tourism sector in 2016 and beyond: concentration and dispersal

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  • Ms Ambassadors Strategists

    Becoming ‘Millennial-proof’ really means becoming ‘future-ready’

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  • Putting Your Place on the Millennials Map

    How to Put Your Place on the Millennials Map (and Stay There)

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  • How do Millennials from across Asia and the Pacific plan their city trips?

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