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The following publications are industry trends reports that I have authored or worked on (most recent first):

How can travel influencers work better with the travel industry? Social Travel Summit 2016 Think Tank Report

Tourism influencers are starting to gain the respect that they deserve as they prove their fc_sts_thinktankreport_2016worth to destinations looking to tell their own story with innovative content. However there are many practical ways to make these relationships more durable and productive. At the Social Travel Summit 2016, held in Inverness, UK, I ran the event’s Think Tank, a unique session for pro-travel influencers and experienced DMOs to share ideas on how their professional relationships could improve. The result, was this free guide, produced by Toposophy for iambassador, the event’s organiser. The guide is intended for anyone who is looking to work with travel influencers.

Stepping Out of the Crowd: Where the Next Generation of Asian Travellers is Heading, and How to Win a Place on their Travel Itinerary

Stepping Out of the Crowd (PATA, 2016)Given that the rise in global tourism is set to be driven by young travellers, especially from countries in the Asia Pacific region, how will the world’s most popular destinations cope with the rising tide of tourists, and how can destinations still ensure they give travellers the high-quality experience they expect?
The second of the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s series of reports focussing on young travellers, Stepping Out of the Crowd provides valuable insights through unique research, expert case studies and contributions from NTOs around Asia. Furthermore, it pushes the debate forward on how the tourism sector can help enthusiastic young travellers to explore further in order to ease pressure on already-crowded visitor attractions.

Prepared by Toposophy for PATA and supported by Visa Worldwide



Putting Your Place on the Millennials Map (and Staying There)FC_Toposophy_MillennialsMap

Everyone is talking about global youth anywhere between the ages of 16-35 (depending on whose definition you’re using) and among all that coverage you can find some interesting insights – and also a lot of hype! In any case, it has now become essential to keep up with what what Millennials are doing, and more importantly, how they behave when they travel.

Published by TOPOSOPHY, my guide gives practical hints and tips on engaging with this market as well as a valuable source of inspiration for tourism brands looking to reach out to this dynamic group of consumers.


15 Destination Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

Working with my colleagues at TOPOSOPHY – Europe’s hottest new destination marketing agency – I’ve put together this easy-to-digest report on what top travel trends we can look forward to this year. Whether you work in the tourism sector or not, I’m sure you’ll find something in there to inspire and educate.

Will the Apple Watch break new ground where other tech wearables have failed to do so? Will this be the year when we see Airbnb take the leap and merge with a major online travel agent? Will we ever reach ‘peak selfie’? Download your free copy of the report and discover our top 15 travel trends for 2015…

Want to know more about TOPOSOPHY? Find out here.


The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller

The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller

The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller, released August 2014

Released by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), this report explains how and why it is predominantly young people who are fuelling the growth of outbound travel from Asia, looking to explore the world beyond their country’s borders.

For three months in early 2014 I was assisted in compiling the report by a talented team at PATA Headquarters in Bangkok. Research of this kind is extremely rare, with scant coverage of this region which is undergoing a tourism boom. It was great to learn first hand about the shape that youth travel growth is taking, through online surveys and focus groups.

What’s in the report?

Nearly 3,000 travellers between the ages of 15-34 participated in an online survey distributed across 13 countries in Northeast and Southeast Asia including China, Korea (ROK), Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Crucially, in addition to this valuable data, I have gone the extra mile by explaining what’s driving the trends it describes with articles and invited commentary from industry experts. These include:

  • Why youth travel does not always mean ‘budget travel’ in Asia
  • What the leap to mobile technology will mean for travel providers across the region
  • How low-cost carriers have capitalised so successfully on the youth market across the region
  • Why the most sophisticated tourism boards look to attract students as well as leisure travellers
  • Who exerts the biggest influence on young Asians’ travel decisions
  • Why it is important to start reaching the next generation of your brand’s consumers today

Find out how to obtain the full report.



Global Report on Shopping Tourism (AM Reports Vol. 8, May 2014) – Executive Author

Global Report on Shopping TourismUNWTO’s Global Report on Shopping Tourism offers a series of practical guidelines and principles for all destinations interested in developing shopping tourism. The report includes a wide range of case studies by UNWTO Affiliate Members and other tourism stakeholders from around the world.

The Report explores the economic impact of shopping tourism and provides an overview of strategies and priorities employed by tourism stakeholders in order to foster sustainable growth and differentiation of the tourism offer in destinations.

I was the executive author of this report, writing the headline articles and bringing in content to supplement the case studies. The report was launched by UNWTO at a dedicated event in Madrid in May 2014. You can see the press release here.




Global Report on Aviation: Responding to the needs of new tourism markets and destinations (AM Reports Vol. 5, Global Report on AviationSeptember 2012)

The exponential growth in international tourism arrivals seen over recent decades wouldn’t have been possible without the innovation and expansion of the air transport industry, which today accounts for more than half of cross-border tourist arrivals worldwide. Over the next twenty years, growth in international arrivals is forecasted at 3.3% annually. However, for this to happen, policy makers, Tourism Organizations, airlines, airports and tourism service providers will have to develop and intensify their relations. This report outlines how such partnerships are taking shape around the world.



Global Report on Food TourismGlobal Report on Food Tourism (AM Reports Vol. 4, August 2012)

For many of the world’s billions of tourists, returning to familiar destinations to enjoy tried and tested recipes or travelling further afield in search of new and special cuisine, gastronomy has become a central part of the tourism experience.

Against this background, food tourism has gained increasing attention over the past years. Tourists are attracted to local produce and many destinations are centring their product development and marketing accordingly. With food so deeply connected to its origin, this focus allows destinations to market themselves as truly unique and appealing to those travellers who look to feel part of their destination through its flavours



Global Report on LGBT Tourism (click to download)
(AM Reports Vol. 3, January 2012)

As the global visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community increases, there has a steady increase inGlobal Report on LGBT Tourism interest in this community as a consumer group, a trend which is particularly evident in the travel industry. The case studies and commentaries featured in this report demonstrate the clear relationship between countries’ progressive policies towards LGBT people and the economic benefits for their tourism sector. However, the social benefits are becoming clearer too, as more and more destinations are benefitting from the associated brand image of tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity.

The Global Report on LGBT Tourism was formally launched at FITUR, Madrid in January 2012 and presented in April 2012 in Florianopolis, Brazil to the members of IGLTA, the partner organisation for this publication.



The Power of Youth Travel (AM Reports Volume 2, September 2011)

Version française / Version en español

The Power of Youth Travel discusses the importance of youth travel from an economic and social perspective, as well as the benefits that it brings to young people themselves.

The report was first published in September 2011 however it still offers a huge amount of relevant data and opinion. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the report has been used on numerous occasions to lobby tourism ministers and key decision makers on dedicating greater resources to promoting to the youth market, and on improving trading conditions for the industry.





Technology in tourism (AM Reports Volume 1, March 2011)Technology in Tourism

In tech terms 2011 is already a long time ago. This report draws upon conference findings and contributors from around the world who discussed the different ways in which technology is changing the tourism sector and the customer journey.