Products and segments

Below you will find a selection of publications that I have worked on relating to specific products or tourism market segments.


Global Report on Shopping Tourism (2014)

UNWTO’s Global Report on Shopping Tourism offers a series of practical guidelines and principles for all destinations interested in developing shopping tourism. The report includes a wide range of case studies by UNWTO Affiliate Members and other tourism stakeholders from around the world.

The Report explores the economic impact of shopping tourism and provides an overview of strategies and priorities employed by tourism stakeholders in order to foster sustainable growth and differentiation of the tourism offer in destinations.

I was the executive author of this report, writing the headline articles and bringing in content to supplement the case studies. The report was launched by UNWTO at a dedicated event in Madrid in May 2014. You can see the press release here.


Global Report on Food Tourism (2012)

For many of the world’s billions of tourists, returning to familiar destinations to enjoy tried and tested recipes or travelling further afield in search of new and special cuisine, gastronomy has become a central part of the tourism experience.

Against this background, food tourism has gained increasing attention over the past years. Tourists are attracted to local produce and many destinations are centring their product development and marketing accordingly. With food so deeply connected to its origin, this focus allows destinations to market themselves as truly unique and appealing to those travellers who look to feel part of their destination through its flavours


Global Report on Aviation: Responding to the needs of new tourism markets and destinations (2012)

The exponential growth in international tourism arrivals seen over recent decades wouldn’t have been possible without the innovation and expansion of the air transport industry, which today accounts for more than half of cross-border tourist arrivals worldwide. Over the next twenty years, growth in international arrivals is forecasted at 3.3% annually. However, for this to happen, policy makers, Tourism Organizations, airlines, airports and tourism service providers will have to develop and intensify their relations. This report outlines how such partnerships are taking shape around the world.

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