What’s a ‘Gen C Traveller’?

To understand Gen C is to understand the travel consumer of the 21st century. The ways in which Gen C consumers are planning, booking, experiencing and talking about their travel are already having a profound impact on the global travel and tourism industry; introducing new brands, new ideas and shaking up the traditional tourism value chain.

According to Google, Gen C is a powerful new force in consumer culture. It’s a term we use to describe people who care deeply about creation, curation, connection, and community. It’s an attitude and mind-set defined by key characteristics.

  • Gen C is a state of mind
  • Gen C strives for expression
  • Gen C is a taste-maker
  • Gen C defines the social network
  • Gen C is constantly connected
  • Gen C values relevance and originality

According to a 2010 report by Booz&Co, Gen C are:

  • Connected
  • Communicating
  • Content-centric
  • Computerised
  • Community-orientated, and…
  • Always clicking

Curated by global tourism industry consultant and Millennial trends-watcher Peter Jordan, the aim of this site is to help you understand how Gen C travellers (particularly Millennials) interact with brands at every stage of their journey. As a highly influential and increasingly affluent consumer group, they’re the ones to watch.

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