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Below you will find a selection of my publications which have focussed on destination marketing and development.

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Overtourism – overcrowding and its effect on a destination’s brand

Tourists’ (bad) behaviour and how it affects the in-destination experience


Manifest on the Future of Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs)

A lot has been written about the challenges facing cities today, however so far no one has put them in one place or set out a common, inspiring vision of how DMOs could help to resolve them. Here, in a pioneering paper produced with European Cities Marketing, my TOPOSOPHY colleagues and I explain why and how DMOs should assert their role in place building and branding, in order to face the future with confidence.

The Manifest is composed of eight key themes: social sustainability, place building and branding, liveability and localism, partnerships, new funding schemes, the sharing economy, smart cities and security & crisis management.

The Manifest was presented at the 2017 International Conference of European Cities Marketing in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The Future of DMOs The ECM Manifest_FINAL



Exploring the relationship between travel influencers and the global travel industry
Think Tank Report from the Social Travel Summit 2017

For the fourth edition of the Social Travel Summit (September 2017, Kitzbuehel, Austria), I was invited once more to run the event’s centrepiece, the Think Tank. Bringing together a select group of highly-experienced travel influencers as well as representatives from local and national destination marketing organisations, the Think Tank aims to explore and define how these two groups can work more together in a more productive way. This year’s big three questions were:

  • What are the essential ingredients for the perfect influencer visit?
  • How can influencers help with training and product development among small businesses in destinations?
  • What role can travel influencers play in crisis management and recovery?

Anyone working in influencer marketing and travel will find valuable insights and recommendations in this report (free download)




How can travel influencers work better with the travel industry?
Think Tank Report from the Social Travel Summit 2016

Tourism influencers are starting to gain the respect that they deserve as they prove their worth to destinations looking to tell their own story with innovative content. However there are many practical ways to make these relationships more durable and productive. At the Social Travel Summit 2016, held in Inverness, UK, I ran the event’s Think Tank, a unique session for pro-travel influencers and experienced DMOs to share ideas on how their professional relationships could improve. The result, was this free guide, produced by Toposophy for iambassador, the event’s organiser. The guide is intended for anyone who is looking to work with travel influencers.

Think Tank Report STS 2016




15 Destination Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

Working with my colleagues at TOPOSOPHY – Europe’s hottest destination marketing agency – I put together this easy-to-digest report on what top travel trends we could expect in 2015. Whether you work in the tourism sector or not, I’m sure you’ll find something in there to inspire and educate.

Did the Apple Watch break new ground where other tech wearables have failed to do so? Was 2015 the year when we saw Airbnb take the leap and merge with a major online travel agent? Will we ever reach ‘peak selfie’? Download your free copy of the report and discover our predictions for the top 15 travel trends for 2015…

Want to know more about TOPOSOPHY? Find out here.


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