New for 2014: The Rise of the Young Asian Traveller

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Cruises get cool as young people take to the seas to get away from it all

One in five under-25s said to be considering a holiday afloat as operators revamp their image to appeal to ‘party animals’ It might be hard to think of anything less conventionally “cool”, but… Continue reading

The Rise of Generation C and its Implications for Customer Service

Generation C (for Connected) is the name given to digital natives, the people who feel comfortable in the digital world, own lots of mobile devices, and tend to use at least two at… Continue reading

What young travellers bring to the global community

This article was originally published in the UN World Tourism Organization’s report The Power of Youth Travel, released in September 2011. It was written to help explain to political decision makers why they… Continue reading

How to Attract the Millennial Hotel Guest

“Millennials,” the group covering those with birth years ranging from 1977 to 1995 and presents a dynamic opportunity for hotels to attract and retain a booming market that already represents one third of… Continue reading

A smart and symbolic move: easyJet launches a dedicated homepage in Chinese

Yesterday easyJet caused quite a stir among the global travel industry by launching a dedicated homepage in Chinese. Even the Prime Minister had something to say about it during his visit to the… Continue reading

Review: ‘The Rise of Generation C: Implications for the World of 2020’

This report, published in 2010 by Booz&Co the ‘oldest continually existing management consultancy in the world’ sets out what the world could look like by the end of this decade, thanks to the… Continue reading

Why encouraging Gen C to travel isn’t just good for the balance sheet

Young people are travelling more and spending more than ever before. Today’s permanently-connected young travellers also have a larger sphere of influence than any generation that’s gone before them. All these are good… Continue reading

‘Connected, curating, community focussed’ – why you should be keeping an eye on where Gen C are travelling…

Welcome to the first post of my first-ever blog, an initiative aimed at helping my colleagues in the global travel and tourism industry to understand Generation C – the connected generation – and… Continue reading