Essential ITB: ‘Millennials: The Unpredictable Force Shaping the Future of Global Travel & Tourism’

The second event I’ll be joining at this week’s ITB Berlin is will be a workshop to discuss disruptive innovation (like services suchLogo_itb_with_claim_english as Airbnb) in travel, and how the more traditional suppliers in the industry can react to it (clue: by innovating and taking lessons from what works elsewhere and shaping up you business, fast!). We’re published in the prestigious ITB Convention Programme ‘The leading travel industry think tank’.

Marti Grimminck, Chief Connector of International Connector  and I will be hosting this session as TravelDisrupt, just two elements of an influential movement aimed at helping tourism and travel providers keep track of emerging trends and adapt their businesses and destinations to emerging Millennial trends. The session promises to be disruptive (in the good sense) and innovative in itself!

Millennials – the unpredictable force shaping the future of global travel and tourism – Brought to you by TravelDisrupt

Friday 7 March, 16:00-16:45, Regensburg room, Hall 4.1 ITB Berlin

Young people have always rebelled, but never has their behaviour gone so far as to turn a whole industry on its head. Why book a bed in a hostel when you can book a bed in someone’s private luxury apartment? Why pay a train fare from Berlin to Dresden when you can hitch a lift for a few euros? The travel and tourism industry today is playing catch up with a demographic that is challenging convention and using technology to get discounts, refund tickets and expose the truth on quality and service. So where does this leave traditional travel and tourism providers? TravelDisrupt, a new partnership of youth travel industry insiders will investigate what the sharing economy can mean for tourism providers.

See you there!

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